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Even trace amounts or possibly detectable

Q. Delta 9 THC

A.Causes feelings of euphoria and is known to be an intense, long-duration high. The effects on the body can vary from one person to the next (CannaShots, Rasta Rocks Day).

Q.Delta 8 THC

A. Delivers a potent one-of-a-kind uplifting and motivating feel, with a calming body sensation! Delta-8 THC gummies can give a bit of a “high” or euphoric feeling (Rasta Rocks Night).

Q.Full Spectrum

A. Full Spectrum has just the right amounts of CBD and THC for those who want to medicate throughout the day while also enjoying a mild high (Rasta Rocks Day 10:1 ratio 75mg CBD & 7.5mg Delta9).


A.The euphoric, pain relieving, and anti-nausea cannabinoid, a great alternative to THC. It packs a potent punch slightly less than Delta-9 but with a shorter duration of high (coming 2023).


A.THC-V is a non-psychoactive stress reliever. It is known to provide heightened clarity, focus, and energy, while also aiding appetite and nicotine craving suppression (coming 2023).