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Amanita Muscaria Blend Gummy

Amanita Muscaria Blend Gummy

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This amanita muscaria blend gummy has increased muscarine muscimol levels, with the effects lasting up to 16 hours.

Due to what is known as “Reverse Tolerance”, you cannot develop a tolerance to the blend. Your body does not metabolize it and it builds up in your system. 

You can get to the end of your amanita experience, consume another equivalent amount, and have another experience just as if it were the first time.

Content: 5 gummies with .2 grams of extract per gummy

Recommended Dosage:

.1 to .5 grams: is considered a micro-dose depending on your experience level, the person, and tolerance.

.6 to 2.0 grams: will give sensations of body high as well as internal psychological mind tripping, and some people have experienced outright visual hallucinations, time dilation, and synthesia

2.1 to 3.5 grams: Most people will experience intense hallucinations!

Warning: If you take the following do not ingest this product: SSRI drugs, depression, antipsychotics, bipolar, anxiety, or seizure as these gummies may affect the effectiveness of the prescribed medications. 

Ingredients: Extract amanita pantherina, fly agaric amanita muscaria, and amanita regalis

This Product does not contain psilocybin.


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