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Seraphim Keys: Kava, Damiana Leaf, & Caffeine

Seraphim Keys: Kava, Damiana Leaf, & Caffeine

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Seraphim Keys is a wild-cherry flavored gummy blended with Kava, Damiana Leaf, and Caffeine (from green tea), based on a popular Pacific Islander drink. Each 80mg gummy is infused with 30mg of Kava, 30mg of Damiana Leaf, and 20mg of Caffeine from Green tea.

Kava active ingredients are called kavalactones. Studies suggest kavalactones may reduce anxiety, reduce pain sensations, and protect neurons from damage. Current research supports the use of kava as it tends to be as effective as certain anxiety drugs, with no evidence of dependency.

Damiana leaf contains several flavonoids including arbutin with antioxidant activities believed to be responsible for many of the plant’s therapeutic benefits. Traditionally, Damiana leaves have been utilized by the Mexicans and Mayan Indians for their aphrodisiac qualities and their ability to boost sexual potency.


Corn Syrup, Sugar, Water, Gelatin, Kava Root Extract, Damiana Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pectin, Vegetable Oil, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, Carnauba Leaf Wax, Natural and Artificial Flavoring, Natural and Artificial Coloring. Contains Coconut

Package: 10 gummies

Flavor:  Wild Cherry

Effects: may give you a euphoric and energetic feeling.

Recommended Dosage:  Start with 1 gummy and monitor. After 1-2 hours you do not have the desired effects, increase as needed.

Storage Instructions:  Keep them at room temperature as they will melt if room temperature is exceeded!

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